My most recent work is constructed from wood with character!

Through the process of making the artwork using the crooked branches i have selected, unpredictable markings and knots are

revealed within the wood giving each house its unique personality.

Quirky buildings that i see on my travels inspire the hand painted doors, windows and roof shapes of each little house.

I aim to create small artworks that have character and personality by using materials that i love working with.

Previous artworks include:



Personal ephemera are layered with wood and silk to achieve a unique artwork. Working with the client, the layers are selected and formed into a memory block, the block is cut into the desired shape and finished with maps, text or markings to create a personal collection of memories.


Pitchers, bowls and teacups using reproduced love letters, photographs and fabrics from my Great Aunt Alice, referencing her ritual of high tea and a bygone age of letter writing.


Houses constructed using various pieces of recycled wood furniture from a derelict house, recalling memories of times past.



I have taken workshops for various age groups in:

Bangle and brooch making with secondary 12-14 age group.

Flying bird wall art with secondary 12-14 age group.

Decorating birds and making paper wings with scout group.